G.N.R. Analytical Instruments Group diseña y produce Difractómetros de Rayos-X portables y de laboratorio (XRD), así como Espectrómetros de Fluorescencia de Rayos-X (XRF) para el estudio de estructuras y composición de diferentes materiales.


TX 2000 is the state of the art laboratory spectrometer for quantitative multi element trace analysis using principles of Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF). 

TXRF, based on the same principles of traditional X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), minimizes or totally eliminates matrix effect, allows simoultaneius multi-element ultra-trace analysis and pushes the instrumental detection limit down to ppb range from sodium to plutonium. 

TX 2000, equipped with an automatic primary beam switching system  (MoKa, WLa/Lb and bremsstrahlung 33 keV), a Silicon Drift Detector and an high power X-Ray Tube is the optimal solution for applications in environmentalm chemicals and nuclear fields. 

TX 2000 Main Features

- TXRF and EDXRF (traditional 45° geometry) spectroscopy in the same equipment.

- Stepper motors with optical encoders ensure extremely precise angular values.

- Automatic switching of primary beam (MoKa, WLa/Lb and bremsstrahlung 33 keV) using   double anode Mo/W X-ray tube, based on innovative software. We select the energy         required using an high reflectivity 80% (WLa/Lb/MoKa) multilayer. We can choose also     other X-ray tubes and monochromatise the energy that you need.

- Peltier-cooled Silicon Drift Detector with an energy resolution of 124eV FWHM@MnKa       (shaping time 1 ms)

- Minimal distance between the sample and the detector (mounted to the axis normal to     the plane of the sample).

- Instrumental detection limits for more than 50 elements below 10 pg.

- Helium device to improve the detection limits for the light elements.

- Excellent detection limits (ppt) for a wide range element 

- No matrix effect


  • Environmental Analysis: water, dust, sediments, aerosol
  • Medicine: toxic elements in biological fluids and tissue samples
  • Forensic Science: analysis of extremely small sample quantities
  • Pure chemicals: acids, bases, salts, solvents, water, ultrapure reagents
  • Oils and greases: crude oil, essential oil, fuel oil
  • Pigments: ink, oil paints, powder
  • Semiconductor Industry: by VPD (vaporphase decomposition)
  • Nuclear Industry: measurements of radioactive elements


GNR is proud to introduce the new ProSpector, the latest XRF system to join our family of portable, Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer systems.

Like all GNR products, this portable, handeld EDXRF elemental analysis system is designed to be intuitive and user friendly.

* The system utilizes a 7.2 Vdc Liion battery. Under normal use, it has an operating time of 8 hours before charging is required.

* The new ProSpector operates at a high voltage of 40 kV but can be set for up to 50 kV, and has a detectable range of Cl to U. The light element option has a detectable range from Mg to U.

* ProSpector operates under control of the HP iPAQ PDA with 4-inches high resolution touch-screen display, providing high flexibility and usability of the system.

The optional lab stand allows using the new ProSpector as a laboratory grade instrument under PC or laptop control.


On Site Instant Analysis without sampling

  • Metal Identification
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous Alloys Sorting 
  • RoHS, WEEE and Proposition 65 Compliance Testing 
  • Lead determination in paint, toys, furniture and clothing 
  • Soil and sediment analysis 
  • Mining 

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