En Darmstadt, Alemania, STOE & Cie GmbH desarrolla y fabrica sistemas de Difractometría de Rayos X para polvos así como Sistemas de Difractometría de Cristal Único, todos con excelente precisión así como software de control y evaluación para cristalógrafos, químicos, científicos en materiales y farmacéuticos de todo el mundo. 

Dandong Tongda Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the border of China and North Korea - Dandong City, Liaoning Province. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a dual-soft enterprise in Liaoning Province, an ISO quality system certification enterprise, and has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents. It is a high-tech enterprise supported by the Liaoning Provincial Government and the Dandong Municipal Government, and in 2013, 5 On the 15th, an academician expert workstation was established. The company is a professional manufacturer of X-ray analytical instruments and non-destructive testing instruments.